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Why Choose Remote Control Floor Grinder

  • 2022-08-19

1. The operator's hands are freed, and the remote control can be realized within a range of 100 meters only by the remote control, so that the floor grinder can complete the actions of walking, turning, grinding, etc., compared with the need to put both hands on the handle to control In terms of direction driving, it is easier and more convenient, and the labor intensity is greatly reduced.

2. In addition to labor saving, the ability to operate the grinder from a distance also means that people can stand on the wall and side of the machine to better check the ground situation, and be able to detect and respond to any sudden emergencies. At the same time, the long-distance operation is farther from the source of the dust, which can reduce the further damage to the human body caused by the dust without the cooperation of the industrial suction cupboard.

3. The new and easy operation mode of the remote-controlled floor grinder allows at least one person to complete the floor construction, reducing labor and time costs, and at the same time attracting the attention of the younger generation of workers, avoiding the loss of these floor workers and the emergence of employment. The phenomenon of shortage is conducive to the future development of the flooring industry.

This is why choose the remote control concrete grinder.

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