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The choice of sprayer

  • August 05, 2020

The choice of sprayer

Sprayer is the abbreviation of spray equipment. The sprayer is an appliance that uses air suction to turn medicine or other liquid into mist and spray it on other objects evenly. It is composed of a compressed air device, a narrow tube, and a nozzle.

According to the power form, sprayers can be roughly divided into three categories: manual, electric and motorized.

With the continuous development and progress of science and technology, some new types of sprayers have emerged in recent years. For example, the manual sprayer family has a high-pressure self-locking automatic sprayer, whose work efficiency is comparable to that of the knapsack motorized sprayer; the motorized sprayer family has been added. : Hand-push, vehicle-mounted, stretcher and other highly professional sprayers have irreplaceable advantages under specific working conditions.

Sprayers are generally used in agriculture, but there are also some portable small sprayers that are widely used in households, such as gardens, kitchens and other places. Especially in the current global epidemic situation, the disinfection and prevention of various indoor and outdoor public places has become an indispensable work every day, and the use and demand of sprayers have doubled.

The carrying of static electricity is also an important factor for sprayers. With the electrostatic sprayer under the same operating time, the density of droplet coverage is higher, the adhesion is stronger, and the efficiency can be improved. The non-static sprayer is inferior in comparison, but if it is operated well, it can achieve similar results, and it is more advantageous in price than the static-charged model.

The type of sprayer is also divided into direct current (DC) and alternating current (AC). Direct current is what we commonly call the style with battery and built-in charging board. It is easy to carry, flexible to use, suitable for outdoor environments without power, but it is expensive, much higher than the AC style. The AC version, that is, plug-in sprayer, although there are requirements for power conditions, most manufacturers of sprayers, the plug type can be replaced, the length of the wire can be extended, and it can fully meet the daily applications in various indoor places. And there is no built-in battery, the weight is lighter, the price is low, and for most consumers, the price is outstanding.

The Sprayers of KB-15002E, it is specially applied for large area spraying operation of greenhouse. It can also be used for Public sanitation and disinfection, such as airports, docks, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, public transport, theaters, communities, entertainment. As well as food processing, pharmaceutical companies, animal husbandry industry's disinfection and sterilization, health and epidemic prevention.






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