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होम समाचार उद्योग ज्ञान The 6 Most Important Parameters When Picking a Concrete Grinder

The 6 Most Important Parameters When Picking a Concrete Grinder

  • August 19, 2022

The performance of the concrete grinder includes: grinding width, grinding head running mode, speed, grinding head unit pressure, water volume control, etc. The construction criteria are divided into: flatness, clarity and gloss.


1. Grinding area of concrete grinder: Relatively speaking, the larger the grinding area of the machine, the higher the flatness of the construction ground, but it is also the increase in the grinding range that reduces the leveling efficiency of the ground level difference.


2. The operation mode of the grinding head of the concrete grinder: the more complex the operation mode of the concrete grinder, the greater the grinding force, the higher the work efficiency, and the higher the ground clarity. The grinding force of the two-way 12-head concrete grinder is stronger.


3. The rotation speed of the floor grinder: Generally, the higher the rotation speed of the concrete grinder grinding head, the higher the grinding force. However, an excessively high speed will reduce the grinding force of the abrasive and the ground. When the pressure of the grinding head is relatively low, the stability of the machine operation will be reduced, and the construction standard will be reduced at the same time.


4. The unit pressure of the grinding head of the floor grinding machine: the grinding head pressure of the floor grinding machine is even the weight of the machine. The greater the grinding head pressure, the higher the relative efficiency and the leveling rate. For the construction on the ground that is too soft, if the grinding head pressure is large and the cutting force increases, the floor grinder cannot run at a uniform speed at this time, which will reduce the construction flatness.


5. Water volume control: Generally, grinding on the ground is divided into wet grinding and dry grinding, which mainly determines the ground. Water can play the role of lubrication, chip removal and cooling. With the change of the grinding process on the granite hard floor, the amount of water should be controlled in time. The ground grinding temperature will also directly affect the grinding brightness.


Through the introduction of the performance of the floor grinder, I believe that after understanding the performance of each part of the concrete grinder, it is easy to choose a concrete grinder that better suits your needs.

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