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होम समाचार कारखाना समाचार New Xingyi, New start, New journey | The launching ceremony and signing ceremony of the preparations for Xingyi’s listing were held

New Xingyi, New start, New journey | The launching ceremony and signing ceremony of the preparations for Xingyi’s listing were held

  • 2022-07-07

The preparatory work and signing ceremony for the Xingyi’s listing was successfully held on the morning of June 29. Liu Xiangyang, Director of Jinjiang Financial Services Bureau, Lin Jinchao, Chief of the Capital Market Section of Jinjiang Financial Services Bureau, Cai Jinsuo, Secretary of the CPC Anping Community Party Branch, Jinyuan Unified Securities Co., Ltd., accounting firms, law firms and other leaders attended the preparatory meeting.

    At the preparatory meeting, ye Genyi, chairman of the board of directors, expressed sincere thanks to the leaders and guests attending the preparatory meeting on behalf of Xingyi machinery in his speech, and expressed heartfelt thanks to the relevant government leaders who have guided and supported the development of Xingyi machinery for a long time. Chairman Ye Genyi delivered a speech from four aspects: the original intention of listing, Xingyi's dream, Xingyi's responsibility and Xingyi's future. He said that Xingyi will integrate and strengthen the industrial chain to make products more high-quality, efficient and energy-saving; Be a brand with high-tech content, a brand with market competitiveness, and an international brand with pricing power.

Cai Jinsuo, Secretary of the Party Branch of the CPC Anping Community, said in his speech that the listing of enterprises can not only obtain funds, but more importantly, obtain equal qualifications to participate in the optimal allocation of resources through listing, which has opened up resource financing channels across the country and the world;Anping community is committed to promoting the listing of outstanding enterprises in the community,and Xingyi Machinery is one of the outstanding ones; He believes that with the joint support of many parties, the listing of Xingyi machinery is just around the corner.

Later, in the signing ceremony, Xingyi Machinery formally signed a cooperation agreement with Lixin Accounting Firm and Shanghai Jintiancheng(Xiamen) Law Firm;  Signed strategic cooperation agreements with Guangzhou Yihua Human Resources Co., LTD and Guangzhou Huaxi Information Technology Co., LTD.  At the same time, Zheng Zhaohui, general manager of the investment banking department of Jinyuan Unified Securities Co., Ltd., delivered a speech. He believed that Xingyi will successfully enter the Beijing Stock Exchange by maintaining the current development speed. The signing of the agreement between the two parties will promote the "acceleration" of Xingyi Machinery's listing, and work together to achieve the final listing goal.

The successful completion of the launching ceremony means that Xingyi Machinery has taken a key step in the listing process and has become an important milestone in the company's development history. Xingyi will take the listing as a new opportunity to improve the level of internal control and management, stimulate endogenous innovation power, and do a good job in all aspects of production and management, and strive to be listed as soon as possible.

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