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होम समाचार संस्कृति समाचार Mid-Autumn Festival Fair and Thanksgiving Dinner on September 19, 2020

Mid-Autumn Festival Fair and Thanksgiving Dinner on September 19, 2020

  • September 16, 2020

2020 is an extraordinary year, because of the support and trust of our customers, our sales have grown. For gratitude, Fujian Xingyi Polishing Machine Co., Ltd. held the Mid-Autumn Festival Fair and Thanksgiving Dinner on September 19, 2020, inviting the new and old customers to get together in Xingyi to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival joyfully and exchange the floor polishing experience.

With the sound of the song of Xingyi, the banquet began to warm up. After giving a welcome speech, the exciting mooncake gambling started to make pleasant silvery sound of the dice rolling, affecting the heartstrings of everyone present. With clanking sound, the guests' bags were full of gifts in a few moments. Later, Tank Ye, the chairman of Xingyi, delivered a speech to thank all customers and work team for their great support. Tank Ye also said that Xingyi has increased the investment in R&D, training and learning in 2020. Despite the impact of epidemic, the company's overall performance has improved by 30%. At the same time, he also pointed out that Xingyi's future development should be steady and forward, ensuring high-quality production principles, keeping the mission that "enable the global floor labors to work with health and happiness" to make Xingyi enterprise bigger and stronger.

After having some good wine and delicious cuisine, the pioneer grinder-Hummer 850LE comes on stage. With the characteristics of AI wireless intelligent learning, remote control, double drive, super power, etc., this concrete polisher attracted the attention of everyone present and set off a wave of panic buying.

There were many rich prizes in the Mooncake gambling. The ultimate prize is a Xingyi concrete polisher XY600E , which is worth $5083 and a cash voucher of 3888 yuan. In the end, Mr. Wang, the gainer of the “Ace of Aces”, win the big prize and come back with fruitful results.  


The bright moon shines over the sea; we share this joyful moment together in Xingyi. With the successful conclusion of the event, let us look forward to the next gathering together.

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